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Our products and services include:

Venture & Start-Up Company Solutions:
  • Outsourced Chief Technology Officer Services

    Base 16 has worked with a number of start up technology companies, fulfilling the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on an outsourced basis. We bring a wealth of expertise with technology, combined with experience in business formation, operations, financing, venture capital, intellectual property and technology management. We help early stage companies make the right decisions, build their team, supervise technology product development and protect their technology investment, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee. In addition, we can bring the experience of our entire team to aid your business.

    Examples include:

    For more information on Outsourced CTO Services, please Contact Us.

  • Venture Technology

    In addition to working in an advisory and management role for early stage techonology ventures, Base 16 has partnered with a growing list of companies to provide software development services at a reduced cost in exchange for an equity or convertable debt stake in the venture. For qualified companies, Base 16 offers these Venture Technology services to help early stage companies develop and prove their technology, allowing them to secure further investment and become profitable.

    Examples include:

    For more information on Venture Technology, please Contact Us.

Custom Software:
  • Web Based Applications

    Having an online store is a critical marketing and sales tool.

    While there are many available generic storefronts available on the internet, we are experienced in writing custom stores suited to your specific requirements.

    We can integrate with existing databases and help guide you through a transition to a software tool that better meets your needs.

    Proprietary software makes upgrading your systems an IT compatibility nightmare. Consider a web-based approach. A workstation just needs a standard browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) to use a web application. We won't tie your users to a platform.

    Do you have several offices, or is your business is decentralized? Would you like your sales force to be able to use your tools on the road?

    Please see our extensive list of featured clients for examples.

    Contact us.

  • E-Commerce Integrations

    We have worked on numerous e-commerce integrations and have written custom e-commerce software for our clients, including custom e-commerce applications for kiosks, data vendors, retailers, wholesalers, photographers, and many more applications. We work with a number of e-commerce gateways, and we are an Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller, and we have done numerous PayPal integrations.

    Please see our extensive list of featured clients for examples.

    Contact us.

  • Information Retrieval

    The field of Information Rerieval encompasses a number of areas, including search engines and collaborative filtering. We have extensive expertise in academia and business working on searching through and drawing conclusions from large data sets. We apply these skills in our web based application development, data mining and litigation technical consulting practices.

    Whether you need to respond to your users' queries on your product database, help customers determine what they would like based upon their existing profile and other user recommendations, or sort through a large amount of electronic data during the discovery phase of your litigation, we can help.

    Please contact us for more information.

  • Data Mining

    In addition to information retrieval we do a lot of data mining work. The Internet provides a wealth of information, and we write custom software applications to crawl the web, extract relevant data, and store it in a database or other format that the client requires. In addition to mining the Internet, we can mine proprietary databases or data sets for a specific type of information.

Web Presence:
  • Auto-Sensing Multi-Lingual Web Sites with PolyGlot™

    We developed the PolyGlot™ system to automatically sense a user's language preferences from their web browser settings and display the best possible translation of a web site based upon the options available. We also have developed a content management system for larger multilingual web sites. See Featured Project: INFICON for more information.

  • Web Site Design

    Base 16 provides Web Site Design services in conjunction with our design partner, Emphasis Creative.

  • Web Site Hosting

    We provide web site hosting for our custom software clients.

    In addition, we manage web hosting clusters we have significant expertise with the Apache web server. We also set up and currently manage large clusters of web servers that do load distribution and failover using the mod_backhand and Wackamole pacakges.

  • Web Visibility Analysis

    Can search engines find your web site?

    We can provide a technical evaluation of your web site to ensure its visibility to search engines.

    Typically, web developers are unaware of the nuts and bolts mechanics of a web "spider" exploring your site for a search engine.

    What's the point of using the web for marketing if you are invisible to web searches?

    For more information on Web Visibility, please Contact Us.

  • Database Management

    Base 16 has overseen the development of large database in MySQL and PostgreSQL, and currently manages a number of databases in PostgreSQL in excess of 40 gigabytes. We also have expertise with distributed databases and database replication, including Slony replication for PostgreSQL databases.

  • Systems Integration

  • UNIX System Administration

    In addition to writing custom software, we support and maintain the Linux systems that run our clients applications. We can assist with remote system administration, server installation, matintenance of servers are your data center, and we can come to your location for complicated installs and upgrades. Contact us.

  • Virtual Server Hosting

  • Litigation Technical Consulting

  • Expert Witness Services
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