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Below are some of the fields on which we advise our clients. We are happy to guide you in your software decisions, or to custom build software tools suited to your needs.

  • Information Retrieval and Data Mining
    This includes search engine technology, different methods of modeling human produced text data (such as a web page, a book or an email) and text understanding, web spiders, robots and other information gathering and compiling technologies and techniques.
    We can build data mining tools for you, or help you make your site more or less minable to others.

  • Linux Systems Administration
    Our staff can help you set up, install and maintain your UNIX systems. We have worked with heterogeneous networks and services such as NFS, ssh, httpd(apache 1&2), dns(djbdns & bind) and email(qmail, sendmail & postfix).

  • Network Design and Administration
    We have designed LANs ranging in size from small to large (200+ nodes). This involves network architecture, private vs. public networks, VPNs, and NATing and knowledge of firewall tools(ipfwcfg, ipchains, iptables.)

  • Network Programming
    We can code software that will use TCP, UDP, Multicast, and the Spread group communication tool.

  • Distributed Computing
    We have experience with the unique problems encountered in distributed computing, such as extremely large and modular filesystems, surviving network partitioning, and tools such as distributed databases, distrubuted content delivery, and process migration.

  • High Availability Computing
    We have configured clusters for High Availability computing (HA) using failover machines and various distributed computing techniques. Our staff is familiar with the Linux High Availability project and its tools.

  • Database Administration, Design and Programming
    We have designed several large SQL databases; We can administer PostgreSQL and MySQL relational databases.

  • CGI Programming (Web-based Application Programming)
    We are a team of skilled Perl coders. We have also used python, PHP and C for CGI, but we prefer Perl. We are versed in HTTP 1.0 and 1.1, CSS and javascript. We can set up and administer the Apache web server plus the extremely useful mod_perl.
    We often use HTML::Mason to build web applications, in conjunction with our own free software tool, Polyglot. We offer basic web design, and can interface a web site to a backend database. We have written several secure Business to Business Web Based Applications for customers.

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